Naughty side of the moon

How’d I get Discord pregnant? This is the opposite of what I wanted.


She is such a moonbutt…

No matter the circumstances, I’ll make sure she pays. (NSFW)


Second part coming soon.

Good mommy.

It begins.


OC of

Delicious boy.
-part 2-

-part 2-

Who’s back there? 
That “uninvited guest” I mentioned earlier…

Who’s back there? 

That “uninvited guest” I mentioned earlier…

Your princess is busy with… wing things, but I will still settle this. Do read this, my curious little minions.

A fair number of you have asked me why I was bothering Cheerilee’s dreams.

Well I have a question for you too. How in the great abyss do you know about that?

Regardless, ask and ye shall receive.

Cheerilee is mine. I own her. You might remember that she had a little visit down here after my sister cornered her about foal-fiddling. I can still smell her. heh…

Her heart is weak and lonely, more so than any other pony I know. I will take advantage of her vulnerability, she will want me, need me. And when I am all she can think about, when I am all she desires, I can escape this prison. I can leave through her. She will summon me like a loyal servant. I will no longer be under my twisted sister’s watch.

Well, that was the plan. There were a couple of snags. She just loves her family so much it sickens me. But there was another as well, some pony she loves deep down. An old friend of hers…

As long as Cheerilee truly loves another I cannot use her. I must find a way to erase Toola Roola from her conscious mind.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an uninvited guest…  See you all soon.